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BHC rules
The Regions
Competition Courses
Competition Handicap List
The Purpose and the Reward
Barron Hilton - Patron Saint of Sport Aviation

1. Only completed triangular flights with a minimum flying distance of 400 Kilometers will be accepted.

2. The shortest leg of the acceptable triangular course must fulfill the FAI Sporting Code 1.4.3, If the acceptable triangular course does not fulfill FAI Sporting Code 1.4.3, a reduction of 12.5% will be applied.

3. One point per Kilometer flown will be awarded for each submitted flight, then adjusted using the BHC handicap factor based on the sailplane used. The handicap Factor used are shown on the next page.

4. Pilots may submit any number of flights meeting the criteria; only the highest scoring flight will be counted in determining the winner.

5. Use the following certification procedures for each of the following regions:

Region 1 —Europe: according to the BHC-entry form or the German DMST-procedure.
Regions 2 & 3 —Americas East and West: use SSA badge forms.
Region 4 —Australia/Africa: use FAI badge forms.
Region 5 —New Zealand and Japan: use FAI badge forms.

6. The flights must be submitted as soon as practical but not later than one month after the close of the contest period to the regional representatives. The documentation of the winning flights will have to be submitted with navigational charts covering the task.

7. In the event of a tie, the pilot who landed first will be the winner. If this does not identify a winner, a coin toss by the Competition Director will decide.

8. In the event of a dispute, the decision of the Competition Director is final.